Arctic Frontiers 2021

Arctic Frontiers is a meeting place to meet and discuss the most pressing issues facing the Arctic. Decision makers, scientists, indigenous peoples, students, business and creative industries have always found a place and a voice in Tromsø at the end of January/beginning of February each year. The success of Arctic Frontiers is built on the willingness to be brave in both format and content.


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Arctic Frontiers 2021 goes digital!

The COVID-19 crisis continues to change the world, including the Arctic. What the effects will be remains unclear. In these uncertain times, one thing we at Arctic Frontiers know for sure that bringing people together  now is more important than ever. We have decided to move the content of Arctic Frontiers 2021 online to ensure that no one will lose out on the Arctic Frontiers experience. So the Arctic family still had a chance to meet in February  in a slightly different way than what we are used to.

The advantage of doing a digital conference (though of course we missed you all meeting in Tromsø) is that the whole content is still available on-line on our platform. So you can watch and re-watch all the four days of the conference! Enjoy!

We hope to meet in person in Tromsø in 2022!




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