About us

Arctic Frontiers is a catalyst for decision-making and network building by mobilizing key voices of science, policy, business, and local Arctic communities, to rapidly turn knowledge into actions.

Through outreach activities and with competent and committed partners on arctic issues, Arctic Frontiers sets the agenda for a responsible and sustainable development of the Arctic.

The Arctic Frontiers partnership network consists of some of the world’s leading actors in the Arctic. The competence and interdisciplinarity of the partner network is unique in both national and international contexts.

Arctic Frontiers started out in 2006 assembling the first global scientific conference on economic, societal and environmental sustainable growth in the north.

Read more: The Arctic Frontiers Strategy 2023-2025


Board of Directors

The board of Arctic Frontiers consists of representatives nominated by the organization’s senior partners and invited experts.

Name Role Partner Affiliation
Merete N. Kristiansen Chair of board Akvaplan Niva
Bo Andersen Board member Norwegian Polar Institute
Dag Rune Olsen Board member UiT the Arctic University of Norway
Elisabeth Svanholm Meyer Board member Innovation Norway
Maria Fossheim Board member Institute of Marine Research
Marthe Kristin Svensson Board member Troms & Finnmark county council
Tor Eldevik Board member University of Bergen


Strategic Science Committee

The Strategic Science Committee consists of a number of scientists and researchers among our Partners, who help shape the science portfolio at Arctic Frontiers.

Name Partner Affiliation
Grace Shepard University of Oslo
Sigrid Lind Norwegian Polar Institute
Livar Frøyland Institute of Marine Research
Ståle Walderhaug SINTEF
Berit Kristoffersen UiT the Arctic University of Norway
Arthur Mason Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
Lise Øvreås University of Bergen

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